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REVIEW: Prairie Pizzazz

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When I was contacted by the lovely girls at Prairie Charms to ask if I would be interested in getting involved with there exciting new project of the Prairie Pizzazz, I was over joyed and couldn’t wait to get involved. Prairie Charms is their site where they sell gorgeous girly bits and bobs, be sure to check it out. One thing I love about this company is that 10% of all profit proceeds are donated to the Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital Charity and the ‘Kiss It Bette Campaign. Which provides funding to pioneering, work-class treatment for complex medical conditions including paediatric cancers. For me this is something close to the hear, I think it is amazing that they can provide 10% of their profits to these charities. Now back to the box itself, I’m sure lots of you are aware of all the monthly subscription boxes that are going around at the moment, some full of food goodies, others full of make-up bits and bobs. This one is a little different with lots of different things included inside and all are full size. The box is named Prairie Pizzazz, I think this is a fun concept which makes the box like a pizza. It is delivered to you in a pizza shape box which of course we all love! It was wrapped beautifully and when you open the box the gold spotted tissue paper and gold shredded paper looks amazing. This put a huge smile on my face from the moment I opened the box. Not to mention their logo which is absolutely gorgeous. Prairie Charms are giving you the chance to get the Deluxe size which is the box I received for £20 and a mini version of the box, a slice of the pizza lets say, is £12. You can get this by quoting the hashtag #CHARLOTTESAMPIZZAZZ on twitter, also tag myself and Prairie Charms.  Now onto the fun stuff, what is actually in the box I hear you say.


The first thing I noticed when I opened the box was the huge array of colours, it was amazing. Their are a number of hair accessories in the box which all look soo cute! The first is this gorgeous Erin Blush Floral Trim Garland, which is a bright pink shade. This is going to be amazing for holiday when you are laying around the pool jumping in and out and want to keep your hair out of your face. Or could be worn as a halo to add to that gorgeous summer dress that you have just picked out. Next was a beautiful Quinn Liberty London Fabric Undo Hair Wrap, this is one of my favourite pieces in the box the gorgeous print will be amazing for those day when I want to wear my hair up but add a little bit of colour to it. The wire in the wrap allows you to shape it how you wish, using it as a hair tie, maybe even using it for a half up half down look. There where also some of their Lissie Custom Knot Ties, these are great for tying your hair up. If you haven’t seen these before basically they are used to tie up your hair and to stop your becoming creased due to tying it up, I like to use this when I go to bed to make sure that there are no kinks in my hair when I wake up. They also come in fun colours and designs which of course make them 100% better in my eyes. The dark blue Cassie Faux Leather Darling Bow is an amazing large bow clip for the hair, I think this would look beautiful underneath a top knot bun, giving your hair a little something that it didn’t have with just a normal bun. The last hair products are these Purple and White Rose Bobby Pins, I love how cute these look to bring back one side of your hair. These will be a win for me this summer!


I also received two jewellery items in this box which is something that I was shocked at as these tend to be a little more expensive. The first thing is this beautiful Arabella Fringe Faux Suede Pendant in a beautiful teal colour. This is going to look amazing layered up with other necklaces ready for festivals and other events. The other jewellery item was this Mia Iridescent Czech Bracelet Duo this is another of my favourite from the box, the gorgeous colour of the beads gets me a tad bit excited for summer, festivals and parties!

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The last few bits where all bits and bobs that we all love, one of the things that I really loved about this box was the cute Dottie Rocks Custom Gold Foil Postcard Print which has the words ‘Id rather have flowers in my hair than diamonds around my neck.’ on. This looks so good on my new desk area and bring that little bit of sparkle I need when I sit down to type out a blog post. You can find these prints and custom make your own at Dottie Rocks Shop here. I also received some of their Verity Paper Straw Sample Pack which contained 5 of the paper straws that everyone is using at the moment. There is a body art tattoo which I can’t wait to use in the warmer months maybe on my holidays or a festival and some nail stickers which are featured in a earlier post up on CharlotteSamantha.  Another of my favourite was the popcorn kernels and stripy paper bags to put your popcorn in, a lovely little touch for when the weather is playing up a little in the summer.

I know your thinking all of that for £20? Yes! That is right, you can get your hands on this next month by tweeting Prairie Charms and myself using the hash tag #CHARLOTTESAMPIZZAZZ. Why not treat yourself this month and see what fun little things you get delivered to your door.






  • Courtney

    Wow that’s great value and so pretty! // x

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