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Cure the boredom


When it comes to the weekend, well its my four days off for me, I can often get stuck with what it is that I want to do. Not even that I want to do, but ideas of things Id like to do. Of course we all like that half a day to a day of just relaxing, putting our feet up and chilling out. But its not always what we actually want to do, which in turn gets us bored which always leads to eating! Something that Im trying not to do at the moment is bored eating or comfort eating. Id rather keep myself occupied which will stop all that binge eating.

1| Get out into the countryside, take a little picnic and go for a lovely long walk.

2| Shop,shop,shop. Something we all love to  do but do it a little different, maybe go to the local car boot sale or why not take a little drive into the next town and have a shop somewhere different.

3| If its a sunny day why not head down to the beach, you could even take your bag of coppers that you’ve been saving and go into the arcade for something fun.

4| Pamper. If you’ve had a difficult week get together with your best friend or mum and get all the pamper essentials out, even get a new movie and popcorn, why not treat yourself?

5| Date night. If you’ve got a special other, take them on a mysterious date night. Book up somewhere you have been wanting to go for weeks and just take them. No excuse.






  • Rachel Marie

    Aw these are cute ideas! I find I’m actually someone who doesn’t get bored eailly. I’m easily entertained! Just give me my laptop, a good tv series, pizza and I’m good to go haha 🙂
    Rachel Coco

    • Charlotte Samantha

      hahaha, sometimes I can do that other times I need to do something! x

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