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Im a huge organising whore, well I say that I go through phases with it. Im always organised and have things written down thats happening but I dont keep totally on top of everything, its not something I take an age studying over but what I will do is keep myself up to date with what is going on in the following week. For my blog I like to keep everything in order so I know where I am at and since I post everyday it can get a little crazy so I find that if I schedule posts and write down my ideas a few weeks in advance it gives me time to really think about what I want to achieve out of the post and how I want to set it out etc. The more I get into my blog the more I find myself really thinking about what I want to put up on here, there will be big changes coming soon. Its all in the pipe line guys just hold on! Now for the tips on how I like to keep myself organised, as I always seem to get compliments, well I say compliments there more like remarks from my family at how anal (I just said that word in a blog post really!) I am with my organisation.

This has got to be one of my biggest things that I like to do, of course it had to be because thats what the post is called. I like to take time at the end of the week, this is normally a Sunday night when I’m sitting waiting for my hair to dry, because who actually puts the effort in to dry their own hair now-a-days. I write down the things I would like to achieve in that week in a book that I keep to make my lists. I like to then write down what I want to do the following day, so for example I cleared my wardrobe out not that long ago and I had soo many clothes to put on eBay so I wrote that down as one of the things I wanted to the following day. This just helps to remind me that I have things that I need to do the next day and it kinda keeps me from just jumping on the computer and putting the latest episode of PLL on.

As I said previously I like to write down things that I am going to be doing in the week, this is also something I do on a Sunday night. First thing I like to do is put my work rota into my diary that way I can tell myself when Im going to be doing all of the other stuff that need doing. Blog stuff, course work and any other free time I have I like to spend with family and friends. Obviously this is now written in stone, you dont have to stick to it. But I just find it nice to know what Im going to be roughly, of course most weeks things do change. And dont we all have those days when things just dont go to plan.

3.Week View 
This is the part when you start to understand my slight obsession. Okay so I have my diary which shows me day-to day, but with that I dont like to write down what blog posts are going up as it takes up too much space. Maybe I need to invest in a bigger diary but we have to use what we got right? SO, I like to have a week view, in this I write down everything to do with my blog this just helps to keep all of this in one space. I write the title of the post and then a P(Photos), W(Written) and S(Schedule) underneath then I can cross each off when I am happy that I have completed it all. That way I know exactly what part I am up to with each blog post.

I dedicate my one desk draw space to everything that I have to do with organising. I like to keep my note books, diary, week-view, my pens and all the other stationary stuffs that go with it! I think its best I just insert a few photos of this bit, it gives a better view than my explanation would. I may even dedicate a whole post to this draw once it is completely as I want it.

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The last for me is kinda the most important bit and something that I am talking about a lot at the moment and thats motivation. Youve got to have the motivation to get up off your butt and actually do what it tells you to do in your diary, complete your lists and that way you can finish the day knowing that you have got everything done and you know that there is nothing more to add to tomorrows list. Which is always a bonus for me!





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