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Summer Plans

With the summer looming upon us I thought it was about time I shared with you my plans for the summer, normally I am the kinda person who would have booked their holiday up in January. To make sure that I can get the best deal and have something to look forward to when it comes t the summer months but this year is a little different. As I was starting my new job I was worried about the holidays I would get and we didn’t end up booking anything up, we then decided that we would do little trips to places that we have always wanted to go to, it has started already with little trips around the Uk but I am really now starting to get the feel for going away somewhere nice and hot, with a totally different feel than the Uk. For me I would like to visit Barcelona, Paris and somewhere nice in Italy but I really feel like I need a nice long week somewhere that I can chill and not think about what I am doing. I have a week off in October and I am hoping I can persuade Alex to come on a nice relaxing week away. Still filled with the cool, fun touristy things but also having a day here and there where you can just chill by the pool.

What are your summer plans? Anything inspirational for me?



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