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For the newbies here at CharlotteSamantha, I am one of those girls who say every Monday they are starting there healthy eating, Monday goes all to plan and then Tuesday is here and your like damn, this chocolate is just too good. The fitness routine is there for three days and then bam your just too busy to keep it up. But, haha you didn’t think there was going to be the but. For the last month i have stuck to my plan, I have been eating healthy minus there occasional treat and the fitness routine has been there pretty much everyday, minus the week I was ill. Let me tell you a secret, I feel amazing. I have never felt this good in myself. But now Im at that stage where I need to change things around a little. I need to start doing different exercises rather than the same ones day after day. And thats where this post steps in.

For the past week or so I have started to realise that I need to focus on different parts of my body each day, or not even each day just when I can. One of the first thing I decided was that I would keep up with the cardio, as much as I hate it, I don’t do lots but what I do is enough for me at the moment. But start to introduce new exercises, I have a few different things that I do everyday squats, lunges etc. But I needed new things to focus. With this in mind and not having the money or the time for a Personal Trainer I turned to Pinterest, I know it is a very generic thing but it give you hints and tips of things you can do. If you search for fitness or excursus etc then it bring up lots of different ways of toning up certain areas. I have found it great and have started to pin new things into my own fitness bored which you can find here.

I have decided that twice a week I want focus on my legs, twice on my stomach , once on my arms and then the rest of the days which if we do the maths quickly here leaves us with two days I will just do a general routine. This is the first week I have started this and so far I am feeling good but will definitely keep you up to date with how I am feeling. One last thing before I go, it needs to hurt the next day. If it doesn’t then you  need to work harder. The harder you work the more it will hurt and the more it will work. Keep it up!





  • Sarah Smiles

    I have just started a new workout routine too where I run for three miles three days a week and do blogilates every day. Its a really easy routine to stick to and I’ve been really enjoying it! 🙂

    Sarah / Sarah Smiles

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