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IMG_3142 IMG_3144If you are at all with it, then you will know about the latest craze of getting boxes through the post monthly filled with beauty bits. I say beauty, there are others out there like food etc. But for the most part, there area fair few of beauty subscription boxes going around. I’m all for it but sometimes I just want to get my hands on something a little different. Something that I wouldn’t necessarily buy myself in the shop but would pay a subscription for as it just makes it that little bit more fun. And that’s where Honey Tree Post step in, they have created a box for stationary lovers. If you know me at all you know I have a slight obsession for stationary and love to get my hands on pretty things. I literally couldn’t have asked for anything nicer than what is inside the Honey Tree Post. The box costs £15 for a one month subscription this way you can check out the box and see if you like it before committing to it for a few months. But I bet once you’ve had it once you’ll have it again and again. Just to make it that little bit better, they are offering 50% off your first box with the code HPT50. Amazing right?!

IMG_3152 IMG_3155It comes in a gorgeous box that fits through the letterbox, which I know might be a bit strange to be bragging about but that gives it an a+ from me as if I’m at work I know that I can still manage to get home and find this lovely little package waiting for me. Lets face it who doesn’t love a good surprise like this when you get home from a long day at work. The next part is possibly when I started to get real excited, the contents is covered in a polka dot print tissue paper and sealed with a little rabbit sticker. I love illustrations so this made my heart get a little happier. I know, its the little things for me but it just makes it all that more special that time was taken with the box rather than everything just being thrown in.

Now for the most important part which is the contents. I was super shocked with hoe much you got inside this box, I thought there would be a few things but not this many. On the top lay two tags one which has a mushroom and the other with a kind of floral heart. I think these will look gorgeous added to a present using brown paper. It gives it that little bit something, rather than everything being bright and colorful the main focus can be on the tags. Next was two postcards, which where one of my favorite things in the box, one has a Sausage Dog on which says ‘The long and the short of it…” How cute?! I love it so much. I think I am actually going to frame this and put it out in the flat. The other is just as cute and has the heart, clubs, diamonds and spades symbols on which is adorable. The next things where matching cards and envelopes with the most gorgeous leaf print in autumnal colours. I really love how the envelopes aren’t just plain but have the leaf design on too. There is more, can you believe it! Next is three cards all October themed, which I think is a really nice touch as it gives you a chance to use them in the up and coming month. One has a bike with autumn leaves, and a cat sat on some pumpkins. Again I think Ill put this up in the flat around Halloween as I think it is too cute to give away. Next is the star sign for Libra which is from the 1-22 of October. I have a few birthdays in early October so I think this will make a great little card to give. The last is the biggest of the three cards which has a tree print on, which is all autumnal colours. I want to add aswell all come with a brown kraft paper envelope which personally I much prefer to a plain white one. The last thing in the box is a print of a backpack with “All work and no play” I love this and Ill be putting it up on my desk once we are all moved in.

IMG_3156 IMG_3159 IMG_3162Overall I have absolutely loved this box and would 100% think about getting another month. I think the Christmas one would be amazing! Don’t forget you can get 50% off your first box with the code HTP50! I also wanted to mention that not only is this an amazing subscription box but they also work with Post Pals which is a charity focused on brightening the lives of sick children.  It is super simple, with every subscription they donate £1 to support this charity. Which personally I think is amazing and makes this box that little bit more special.






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