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2014 in Make-up

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Rather than doing an all rounded 2014 favorites I decided to split them up into three as I just had too many things to talk about. I’d always been a lover of make-up but 2014 was the year my little space here on the internet started and my love of make-up really started to grow. Ive had my ups and downs with bits ive tried but found some things that I really love and will probably keep stocked up on. My skin has changed lots this year which has meant foundations and other products have had to change along with it to suit my skin type and colour. Which has resulted in lots of research, testing and buying new products which I have either hated and given to someone or loved. These are the few items that I have really been reaching for all year round.

Foundation was something that I have always loved but found it difficult to find the perfect one for me. Until summer of 2014 when I found my love for Estee Lauder Double Wear. I bought mine in the colour Cool Bone which has matched my skin tone so well. Its a very high coverage foundation which is something I always look for, due to having spots and an uneven skin tone. Ive found it so easy to apply, I use a tapered brush and I find it tends to look flawless every time. Something I love to wear under this is the Loreal Lumi Magique primer, which is very moisturising and leaves the skin with a lovely healthy glow. Another face product is the Mac Pro Longwear concealer which has been much loved this year, so much so that Ive had two bottles of this little beauty and am nearly onto my third but first bottle of 2015.

To create a pretend tan, England hasnt seen much sun this year ive been using the Chanel Sol de Tan which is an amazing cream bronzer, this is perfect for sculpting out your cheek bones then applying a powder bronzer over the top to keep it in place. This does come with a hefty price tag but for those of beauty lovers it is worth the investment. Benefit’s Rocketure blusher is another favorite from 2014, with its gorgeous rosy blush with gold flecks, AMAZING! Ive loved wearing this on days when I dont feel like much colour but I also loved wearing out to partys by adding a little bit more of the product you can create a gorgeous blush.

For the eyes 2014 was a year of using my Ubran Decay Naked palette like crazy. Everyday Ive grabbed this palette, even if I was just using one colour out of it. However, my every day look has been coming out of this plaette for a few months now, it creates an amazing brown smoky eye. It is a little bit expensive but it is well worth it, wether your a beauty addict like myself or just starting out in make-up its an all round good’un. Ive topped this with the Loreal Super Liner in black, as Ive always been a lover of eye liner on the top lash line, I think it shapes my eyes right and finishes off the look. Of course for mascara ive loved the Benefit They’re Real. I have quite long lashes to start with but this just adds that little extra length and makes them look very full and flirty. I just love it!

For my everyday look most of the year I hvae grabbed my Mac Syrup lipstick to really finish off the look. Its been the lipstick that I always find at the bottom of my bag when I go to clear it out (this is not often) but it is a much loved lipstick that im sure will be making its way into 2015.

What has your make-up favorites been? Let me know in the comments below, im after some new favorits for 2015.




  • Lizzy Fresh

    Ahhh so many good products I’ve been wanting to try! Especially the Benefit blush and Estée Lauder foundation, been meaning to get my hands on those.

  • kristen

    i got the naked 3 this year and it was definitely my favourite makeup related purchase of the year… actually it was pretty much my only makeup purchase 😉

  • ofbeautyand
  • Nadia

    Great tips!

  • jodie (@vosssssy)

    So many things here I need to try – especially the Naked palette! And I totally agree with your choice of the Benefit mascara, it’s fab. I have only recently stumbled across your blog and I already adore it – it’s so detailed and beautiful!
    – Jodie x

  • Lily

    Lovely picks. Double Wear is amazing and I must try the Naked palette at some point x

  • I bought the Naked palette this year after months and months and months of lusting after it and I’m so surprised to say that I’ve hardly used it. I need to give it more of a chance because of the price but I’m still preferring my trusty MUA palettes!
    Julz Obsessions xx

    • Charlotte Samantha

      To be honest I was like that when I got it, but then one day I used it and fell in love again! xx

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