Blogger Space Inspiration


As I get more and more into my little spot on the internet, the more I want my own little space to go and get in a little bit further. Somewhere that my ideas can spill over, I can become creative and ideas can be left in their space until something bigger comes of them. Pinterest is my favorite way of looking for ways I can design my space.  There are so many different ideas which means I can adapt a few to give me my perfect area.

57467a9d2be19679297d71eb62f78f08 Ive always loved the idea of having Polaroids on my wall but I don’t want to stick them on my wall because I think Ill want to change them around all the time. Instead I found this cute way of hanging them on a piece of string and pegging the photos on. This way I can change them around a lot more.


Another thing I like the idea of is having a chalk board on the wall. I’m always rummaging around in my diary trying to find out what plans I have for that week. I wouldn’t so much use this as a place to put which posts are going live but other things I need to remember that are happening that week.

How would you like your space to think to be designed? Leave me some suggestions, I may steal them!