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2014 in Haircare



The last one in my little series of favorites in 2014. This time where talking hair. Im the kind of girl who throws her hair up in a pony tail as soon as she gets home, I leave it to dry on its own and occasionaly straighten it. No surprise then that there arnt many products that I use, just a few that wriggle there way into my hand when I try to make my hair look acceptable. One thing I would like to do this year is start to do more with my hair, an excuse to buy new products I suppose. Leave any suggestions down below of items/products that you think works well with you hair

My tangle teezer has been a life savior this past year, and im sure it will be something I keep for years to come. I have fond memories of sitting in front of the tv on a morning whilst my mam pulls the brush through my hair because it is so tatty. Why where tangle teezers not invented back in the day! Now it is the only thing I use to brush my hair, I have my big one that I keep in my draw and a small hand bag size one for the go. Just for those special occasions when I try to wear my hair down for a change.Dry shampoo is another must. My favorite for 2014 has been the Batise Fun and Floral by Pixie lott. I love the scent of this and of course it means I get one more day out of my hair who doesnt love these products!

Ive been loving using the Loreal Mythic Oil as a way to make my hair a little more shinny and healthy. I apply this to wet hair when I get out the bath and then thats it. Leave it to dry and my hair feels sleek and smooth. I also love using the Gum Re-Hob Milk, which is a moisturiser for the hair, I tend to use this when im blow drying my hair just to make sure that it doesnt become dry.

The last product is one which I have loved for a few years now. Hairspray is something ive always used, I even went through the stage of pulling my hair up into a pony tail so tight and spraying on so much hairspray that it looked like Id had botox. I think we have all been through this at some point. The hairspray that Im totally in love with is the Got 2b Rise n Shine, I love that it gives my hair volume, shine and keeps it in place. For a simple hair kinda girl like me this is the kind of product I need, nice and easy.

What hair products have you been loving? Let me know in the comments below.




  • Alina

    Gosh yeh the dry shampoo is a must – good idea about the oil, think I might invest 🙂

    The Fairytale Pretty Picture

  • bluntsbookblog

    You need to try the Collab dry shampoo! Best one I have ever used! So affordable too! xxx

    • Charlotte Samantha

      Ill pop it on the wish list! I have heard people talking about it, thanks hun! xx

  • Anna Tranter

    Love the scent of that Batiste! xx //

  • sparklingbunny

    I’m also that “always pony tail at home” kind of girl 😀
    Tangle teezer has been saving my life and hair for already 3 years, and I never want to use anything else. I also tried Loreal Mythic oil last year, and I like what it does to my hair. One apparently good product I recently discovered is Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Repair Rescue Sealed Ends treatment. It is too soon to talk about results, but my ends feel a lot better and stronger after using it (a tiny bit on wet hair) 🙂

    • Charlotte Samantha

      Oh it sounds good. The end of my hair are always flaky and go which ever way they want! I shall definitely give it a go. x

  • Lily

    Schwartzkopf do some really great hair products, I am currently loving their hair oil x

  • beautybitsnblogs

    I love my Tangle Teezer I couldn’t be without it! Make’s it so much easier after washing your hair to get it de-tangled! 🙂 x

    • Charlotte Samantha

      Tell me about it! Im sure my hair just loves to be tangled, but having this little beauty makes it so much easier! xx

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