A Real Blog Chat

Five years on and its still going. Which may seem like an achievement but honestly I expected more.  Its true what they say if you want something you’ve got to work for it and really that’s not what Ive been doing. But I have loved this blog as a hobby and can see it lastingRead More


A Summer Week Away Beauty Bag

With the Summer coming to an end and Autumn just around the corner I thought  we had just enough time to get one last Summer post. Since there has been a serious lack of posts lately I thought we could definitely squeeze it in. And just to 100% make sure that its ok to postRead More


Summer Pamper*

A hot sticky day calls for one thing… A big ol pamper sesh.  I know a hot bubble bath isn’t what your needing after a long day but lets just keep it a warm bubble bath. Hey we could even get rid of the bubbles and just add a splash of Epsom salts or aRead More