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Autumn To Do List

Whilst the UK has opened up to a more ‘normal’ state, we are definitly not as ‘normal’ as we would usually be.

  1. Bake some cinamon swirls for breakfast and obviously stay in bed whilst you eat them.
  2. Start a new book, some of my autumn favourites are The Binding by Bridget Collins and The Familiars by Stacey Halls.
  3. Movie night with a huge bowl of popcorn and sweets
  4. Make your own toffee apples, adding any topping you fancy
  5. Go pumpkin picking and have a carving competition, you knew that one was coming
  6. Take yourself out on a senice drive, pack a picni and enjoy the views
  7. Try a new autumn soup, my favourite is Spiced Butternut Squash
  8. Build a blanket fort, Im thinking all the fairy lights
  9. Set up a cosy campfire outdoors (and obviously in a place that is safe to do so)
  10. Find a new walk, we love walking and finding somewhere new to explore in the autumn with a huge flask of homemade soup is the best!

Whats your favourite thing about the Autumn? Even for you autumn haters out there, there must be one thing you love!

Love, CharlotteSamantha



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