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The Ten Product List of 2020

With the shit storm of 2020 behind us its finally time to reflect. Feel thankful for any of the good that came out of 2020, which for me was pretty mcuh a big fat nothing. But we move. We live and we are going to live 2021 like its the best one yet.

And when it comes to beauty products I feel like 2020 hasnt been the worst, the savings on not being able to do anything else meant a little more money was spent in the beauty department. Much to the other halfs despair, although I feel some of the purchases where definitly enable by him!


Ive always loved my make-up, 2020 saw the year of working from home a lot. Which in the beginning meant 0 make-up. But in the end once I had found my routine, I found myself wearing more and more make-up. The absolute holy grail of my make-up draw for 2020. A product that I started the year with and ending the year with. None other than the Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder. I swear the only powder which keeps my makeup put all day long. The MAC Bronzer has also been a firm favourite. After not using MAC in the longest time I had a little splurge. And this goodie came up trumps and I found myself reaching for it each and every day, a subtle bronzer without the need to really buff it out too much.

Sticking to face products, the Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk blush is the gal of the moment. I don’t think there’s been a day go by without me reaching for this blush. The perfect subtle blush! Im a sucker when it comes to mascara and find myself reaching for the same one over and over again. After a few months of no mascara I found my mascara to be super dry. Id had the Loreal Lash Paradise in my collection for a month of two but had never used it.The Lash Paradise adds a gorgeous amount of volume and length you could ever want. And for a little extra sparkle to the lips. I finally bought my first Fenty lip product. Obviously I had to go for one of the Gloss Bombs, Ive been using mine a good few times a week. On the days I knew I wasn’t going to be wearing a mask. Because if you know you know. You don’t wear a mask with lip gloss.


2020 was the year of experimenting with my skincare. My skin has gone from bad to worse, to slightly better and we are slowly getting there. The first product I started using which I have been using since early in the year is the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream. As it says on the pot, its magic. This adds the perfect amount of moisture into the skin and was definitely a saviour during the Summer months when all we could do was sit in the garden. And when the the skin got a little too much and the breakouts where uncontrollable we went for The Body Shop Charcoal Face Mask. One of the only masks I really do swear by to sort out a super bad breakout. Last on the skincare front is The Body Shop Camomile cleanser. This stuff is amazing to remove make-up and is super sensitive on the skin which is definitely on my cleanser checklist.


I promised myself that 2020 would be the year that I used some of the products I had stashed up in my draws. First up was moisturiser and after a few months of being locked up in the house I made my way through them. And was happy to add the Sol de Janeiro Bum Bum Cream to my birthday list. WOW. If you haven’t smelt this little pot of wonder than you need to get your hands on it. Think of it as a little lockdown treat, those meals and drinks out you would have had is not not going to happen. Its just like a nice smelly night out and one that will make you feel better rather than worse. Lancome La Vie Est Belle will forever remind me of 2020, the good parts of course. A new fragrance that came into 2020 with me and one that is definitely going to continue in my collection.

Although 2020 as a whole was a little bit, lets call it different. However, on the beauty front I’m pretty pleased to be where we are at. Ive loved using the products I have, Ive decluttered the rubbish and left only products that I absolutely love using. Im excited for where 2021 takes us on the beauty front.

Love, CharlotteSamantha.



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