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Cya 2020, Hello 2021

If your not here for the honest chats and the real life highs and lows your not going to like this post. But to really close off the chapter of 2020 this blog post needs to have its day online.

A year ago started the real excitment for 2020, the year that we would totally change. The year we where due to marry, the year we had planned to start a family and the year we were going to make memories which we would never really forget.

The first few months of 2020 where filled with real excitment. The final stages of wedding prep where under way, my besties where planning my hen and the not so niceties of the stag where nearly there, you know boys take that little bit longer to plan things. And then March hit us with a bang and the country stood still.

The prospect of our wedding lay heavy, and whilst there was so much hurt going on in the country it was hard to fully think about continuing to wedding plan. The date of the wedding crept closer and closer, although we knew in our heart it wasnt going to go ahead we knew there was that tiny chance that something could suddenly change. Little did we know it really wouldnt, the date passed and we celebrated in our own way, making memories we would never forget. A new date was set for 2021 and we slowly came to terms with it and started to make new plans.

Fast forward to November 6th 2020, a date I will NEVER forget. The date we found out I was pregnant. A very happy surprise. For the next month I felt like I had been kept in a little happy bubble, 2020 was starting to look like an amazing year. Little did I know that fast forward to December 3rd and the news anyone expecting never wants to hear. Baby is not doing ok, we lost baby on this day. Another date of 2020 that will never be forgotten.

If I could sum up 2020 in one word it would be devastating.

For many reasons, the heartache of the moments in my personal life that have had such a big impact but also the stress the country has seen. The loved ones who have sadly been taken due to such a horrible virus, the moments the country had planned which will never be lived again.

But 2020 has taught me one thing.

A huge thing, and that is to live your life how you want it to be lived. Make every moment count. And take some time out for yourself.

2021 is going to look very different. I’m after 0 pressure. The memories we create will be spontanious and if things dont go fully to plan thats ok. We will move on from that and remember what 2020 has taught us. Its time to make those memories we lost due to 2020 and remember the things that did make 2020 that little bit special.

So here is to the shit that 2020 dealt us and cheers to 2021, lets make it a year to make all the memories. The best year we have ever had.

Love, CharlotteSamantha




  • Andrew

    You rock Charlipop!

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