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A Catch Up

Well what a year it has been.

But if we just fast forward to September of 2021 the updates are pretty big.

I suppose one of the biggest updates is that I am a married woman now. Which still feels crazy to say. After last years wedding being postponed it almost felt like we would never get married but here we are and what an amazing day we had. The sun was shinning from the moment we woke, even if it was 5am ready for the makeup artist arriving. My husband and I spent all day together, obviously once we said we do, but from walking out of the ceremony we where with each other all day which really made the day even more special.

Our family of 2 is to become 3 as of December this year and I’m pretty excited about it. Our little boy is growing happy and healthy and we are so excited to meet him. Ive not found pregnancy the easiest if im totally honest and im going to share more about that in some blog post coming up. But I am so grateful to be at this point in my pregnancy and just so grateful that im able to bring this little guy into the world. But the fun stuff has started, the nursery is very almost complete, his cute little clothes are hung up in his wardrobe, the pram has been ordered and honestly we are just so ready to meet him.

If you follow me on Instagram you may know that we are having a little freshen up in the house before the baby makes his appearance. This is something that has been needed for a while but whilst planning a wedding I just didn’t have the time. You know when your house becomes so un-organised you just throw anything anywhere and you can literally open any cupboard to look for anything? Well we are at that stage. Its to the point I go to sleep at night thinking about what needs to be put were and that its only going to get worse before it gets better which makes it all the more stressful.

I also started a new job back in April which has been amazing! Im loving my new job and although I’ll be going off on maternity leave soon I am so excited to get back next year and get stuck into it even more.


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