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Wedding Delay and I’m Ok

4 years ago I said yes to become my best friends one day wife. 2 years ago we booked our dream wedding for the 04/07/20. 3 months ago we rescheduled our big day due to a pandemic.

Not the post I thought I would be writing at the beginning of the year but im some how now ok with it. Although at the time the unknown of what would be our big day caused some serious anxiety and the inital shock of not getting married on our inital date did of course bring a huge wave of emotions now I get to look forward to an extra year of planning, can add a few additional extras and of course still get to marry my best friend.

On the run up to our ‘would have been wedding day’ I felt totally down. I was super nervous about how the day would go and worried about constantly looking at the clock and wondering what we would have been doing. But instead we made it a day to remember, spent the evening before with our wedding party and returned home to the most gorgeous set up from my family. We then spent our wedding day walking around a local lake and Alex made me a meal on the evening, its most definitly a day we will never forget.

For anyone else going through this or something similar just remember that you can celebrat next year, your can go on that holiday one day. Try and focus on the positive things that are going on in your life and you’ll feel much better.

Love CharlotteSamantha



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