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Hello seems too formal for our little set up, but I also feel like its needed.

So hello, hi, how are you?

Its been a long time since I did a little ‘heres the shit you should know about me’ post. When I started my blog back in 2014 little did I know that come 2020 it would still be a thing. Albeit very different and my commitment throughout the years has differed. But hey! Thats ok because things change and we adapt to those changes.

For those faces who are new around here, or those who have just forgot the beginning of CharlotteSamantha, heres a little recap. Back in 2014 I had just started my first year of university and had gradually lost touch with my friends (no T, we just drfited apart). I was slowly beginning to hate everything about University and knew I needed to something a little different with my life. Id been following a few beauty bloggers and one day thought I could do that. A few weeks later after lots of pushing from family and Alex CharlotteSamantha made its first debut on the internet.

Fast forward 6 years and a lot has changed. The obvious being ive grown up a hell of a lot, we have moved into our first home and are currently planning our wedding. (Not mentioning that Covid ruined those plans and we would have been married by now, but we aint bitter). With all of this change the content that I like to produce has most definitly changed .Although my love for beauty products has definitly not changed, the need for wanting more and more has definitly suspsided and I know more appreciate the products that I have.

With the move into out first home my total love for interiors and hosting guests has increased which is definitly something youll be seeing a lot more of. Id probably say rather than labelling my blog as ‘beauty’ I would say we are more on the ‘lifestyle’ label. I see it as more of an area where I can brain dump and we all know how whacky that kind of place can be.

With that in mind you can expect a lot more life related content, from journalling, to how to stay motivated, to my favourite products, to products I absolutely hate. The one rule around here is that there is no rules so if thats not a bit of you, see ya.

I feel some of the questions that could come from this is why is this starting again. Do you ever feel like in your life you remove all things that are for you and make you happy to keep others happy? I feel like my blog was a little bit of pass time for me, something I really enjoyed but I put on the back burner to go to work, keep the house tidy, cook the meals and enjoy time with family and friends. With everything that has happened this year its really made me realise that there is no time like the present and if that means the house is a little untidy or the food isnt on time everday its ok because Im doing something that I love and something I can look back on and be happy about.

Love CharlotteSamantha.



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