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3 Selfcare Tips

The repetition and monotonous routine at the moment may mean that you’ve forgotten about yourself. 

(I say that in the loosest sense, of course I fully back the decisions being made in the UK right now. Totally of topic and not what we are here for.) 

Theres nothing worse than feeling like you’ve been sucked into a black whole of PJS, working from the sofa and making constant trips to the kitchen for a coffee every half hour. And then you go up to be at 12:30am and you wonder why your not able to sleep. 

Don’t worry Im here with you on this one. 


For the last two weeks ive implemented 3 things that have really helped to chill me out, give me a little more routine and honestly I just feel generally a little more positive. One for the mind, one for the inside and one for the outside. 

For the inside. 

When Im feeling like a coffee I have been grabbing a lemon water, obviously not every time but Ive stopped my bad habit of coffee after coffee and stopping this at a two a day limit (sometimes three if its a bad day). Having a glass of fresh lemon water has been a god send! Not only am I not consuming quite so much caffeine which is obviously making me feel much better on the inside, your gal has a very slight intolerance to caffeine that can bloat her A LOT, that doesn’t stop me drinking it because its coffee. But the lemon water has really helped me feel a little more cleansed. I feel so much healthier on the inside. 

For the mind.

Morning stretch or a little bit of yoga. Ive never been a yoga gal. But we are a changed gal round here. Im not talking headstands we are talking little stretches and of course a YouTube video on in the background. I put on my diffuser and crack open the window. And off we go, this just seems to give me 30 minutes of switch off from the world and I feel super great after it. Depending on how I feel when I wake up I either go for some morning yoga or a little bit of evening yoga as this seems to put an end to the day and separates working from being at home. 

For the outside. 

A real skincare routine. Im not just talking the face here Im talking the whole damn body. When the sun has been shinning while we have been at home Ive been loving nothing more than sticking a pretty summer dress on and dancing around the house. That is until I realise I actually haven’t shaved my legs since last summer and that aint cute. Ive set myself a little routine up and have dedicated one night per week to a different selfceare task for the body. One night this might be something as simple as a hair wash, an exfoliate etc. I can honestly say this has helped make me feel much better about myself, it has removed the pj everyday look and just given me a little bit more of a positive outlook. 



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