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Autumn Skincare Routine.

DSCF1523 DSCF1524As it gets colder my skin changes, during the colder months I get a lot more dry patches and my T-zone tends to become less oily. (Although dis girl still gets oily skin). I thought id show you what products I have changed and what I am still using. Just to let you know incase you havent seen any of my other skincare routines I usually have normal/combination skin but from time to time get a very oil T zone. I am prone to spots and blackheads, gross I know but I gotta tell you this kinda thing so you know if you could be using any of these products to help your skin! Over the years I have tried so much for my spots and even had a cream from the doctors but nothing I do product wise helps me. My one and only tip for you (well its a few really) and thats too drink plenty of water. If your gunna eat crappy food which I know a lot of us do! make sure you have some days where you eat mostly fruit and veg to detox your body and also make sure you take your make-up off! When you look at this post youll be thinking, ‘hang on a second girl! More skincare on a morning then on a night!’ But youll realise thats because I use a few different products on a night depending on the day and how my skin has been on that day.

DSCF1515On a morning once ive dragge myself out of bed that is!  I like to wash  my face with this Loreal Skin Perfection Soothing Gel Cream Wash, im not usually a fan of using drugstore face washes but I was given this in a set and thought I might as well give it a try. At first I wasnt totally impressed however I liked the gel like consitency so thought I would just keep going with it just to see if I could warm to it. Ive been using it for a few weeks now and although im not totally in love with it, it does the job and makes me feel refreshed and of course clean! I then like to use a toner on my face just to close any pores that may have opened when washing my face and also to put vitamins into my skin. I use the Simple Kind to Skin Soothing Toner which leaves my face feeling lovely and soft. Using my ring finger I have been applying this Benefit  It’s Potent eye cream which I am totally in love with! I only have the sample size of this and im nearly out! This definitly means a trip to the benefit counter! I pat this into my skin before I apply my serum. I use the Hydraluron serum, I put this on after my eye cream as I feel that
it allows the eye cream to really sink in. After that I rub in my moisturizer which is the Clinique Moisture Surge which is an amazing gel mosituries. I love this one as it is so light and I dont like putting anything heavy on my face before make-up. Last thing I do is put on this Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream on my lips to get them ready for lipstick.

DSCF1506 DSCF1510

On a night the first thing I do when im getting ready to take my make-up off is light a candle, I like doing this to relax me a little more. I then take The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Butter which I rub across my face to take all my make-up off. I like to repeat this process twice to make sure there is no make-up on my face, I use a face cloth to remove the cleanser. Then I use a different product each night depending on my skin and what I have been up to that day (Keep reading to find out about that). After this step I again use my toner, I do exactly the same as I would on a morning. Again I put on my eye cream and then onto my moisturizer which on a night I have been using this Clinique Dramatically Different moisturizer which I find a little bit thicker which is what im after on a night time. Again I put on my lip balm and im ready for bed!

DSCF1517 DSCF1521

Now for the things that get changed up night from night, these are things that are going to help my skin a little bit more depending on what my skin is like that day. If im having a particular bad spot/pore day I use my Origins Clear Improvements Charcoal Mask which helps to unblock my pores and leaves me skin feeling lovely and healthy. If my skin is feeling dehydrated I tend to use this No 7 Heavenly Hydration mask which is a creamy product which puts all the goodness back into your skin. If my skin is feeling a little on the dull side I like to use these Una Brennan Vitamin C Brightening Capsules which make my skin feel a little happier. This last one is a replacement for my moisturizer and it is the La Roche Posay Effclar Duo which is amazing for spot problematic skin.

Thats my Autumn Skincare routine, whats yours?





  • glitterbat

    Ooh, I’ve been loving the It’s Potent! eye cream, so pleased to have received a sample in my September Birchbox. I think I’ll be having a cheeky little trip to the Benefit counter as well, haha!

    Jess | glitterbat . net

  • Emily Shea

    The Origins mask looks so nice! I’ve heard so many people raving about it.

  • Lizzy Fresh

    So many products I’ve never seen before! I love trying out new skincare so I’ll have to check some of these out, the cleansing butter from The Body Shop sounds awesome 🙂

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