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What I Am Looking Forward Too…

I saw a few weeks ago a couple of people doing posts with things they are looking forward too and thought it was a really nice idea. It wasn’t just things that are happening in the next couple of weeks but a real mix. I have so much that I just cant wait for, some little some big and wanted to share them all with you. Maybe if you don’t have too much too look forward too then you can take some inspiration from this.


1. London trip with my mama
2. My Birthday (31st of august for those of you wondering)
3. Autumn/ Winter
4. Christmas
5. Moving out into a flat with Alex
6. Family holiday to France
7. The rain and cold weather, I am strange and love getting wrapped up!
8.  Gingerbread muffins
9. Hot chocolates
10. Big, fluffy jumpers






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