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Smashbox: Try It Kit




A brand that I have always wanted to try but have never bought anything from the counter was Smashbox, up until recently I was always curious about what the brand was like but too scared too commit and buy something incase I didn’t like it. When I was in the York outlet I noticed they had a huge range of Smashbox products so I had to wonder over and look at what I could get my hands on. Thats what I noticed the Try It Kit, which basically gives you a taster of some of there bestsellers in mini form allowing you to see what you would maybe repurchase and also gives you an idea of what the quality is like of the make-up. I love the idea of this and I defiantly think more brands should bring things like this out as I will defiantly be re-purchasing some of the things I have tried in here again! Onto the exciting part what was actually in the box, oh and by the way guys this is a first impressions. So while I type I am trying these all out.


The thing I was most excited about, the thing that I have had my eye on for a while was the Photo Finish Foundation Primer, I have heard so many good things about this but was slightly concerned if it would sit well with my skin due to the type of skin I had. Overtime I walked past it in Boots I would pop a little bit on the back of my hand and walk away wondering if I should just take the plunge. Finally, I have my hands on it. It is only the mini version that I have at the moment but it is well worth it too make sure that I know I like it. When I first applied it I was shocked with how well my foundation applied on top it, I am use to using drugstore primers so when I started putting my foundation on top I was amazed. This stuff really does work, and it works well. Better than well this stuff is amazing. It is like a gel formula which goes kind silky almost to a powder texture when being rubbed into the face. But I kinda like it, makes my face feel like it is ready for the foundation to be applied.


Next thing I noticed was the 24 Hour Photo Finish EyeShadow Primer, I was so impressed with the full face primer I couldn’t wait to give this one a go. I am going to be honest I have oily eyelids so I find applying eye primer to be a bit of a pain as it tends to crease not looking that great but I thought id give it a go.  Now if your about to put this on your eye make sure you have the smallest amount this stuff goes a long way. to be honest I thought it was going to be more like the normal face primer than it was I found this to be quite watery, I felt like I could rub it in fully on my eye. Once i eventually got it rubbed in, I could feel that it would work but I just didn’t enjoy the hassle it took for me to put it on in the first place.


You also get a mini eyeshadow trio in the box, including three neutral shades, one is a light cream shade, the other a medium brown and the last a very dark brown. I love these shades and find that this kind of platte can be easily added to your hand bag to fix up your make-up through the day. I love the way that the shadows slide out of the platte which keeps them that little bit more protected whilst they are being thrown around in my bag. The shadows themselves are great, a little chalky when you first put them on but once they are fully blended they look gorgeous, Ill get back to you on instgram with my opinion on how they last throughout the day.


The last thing in the box is theFull Exposure Mascara, now this thing I love. I love a mascara with this kind of brush, its the kind that really gets a hold of your lashes and pulls them too their longest without totally separating them. I don’t have too much to say about this product other than I love it and will 100% be getting another of these once mine has ran out! Have you tried anything out from Smashbox, what did you think?





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