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5 Top Blogs: Edit 1


I thought it would be a nice idea that every month I would put up a post of the five blogs that I have been loving that week. If it is a small time blog or a blog with too many followers to count, just blogs that I have been loving reading. Lets jump straight into it and take a look at the blogs that I have been obsessed with!

The first is Perks Of Being Ami, who writes a beauty blog with amazing photos and great content. I have been reading her blog for a few months now and love it when I see a new blog appear in my bloglovin feed. She also has an amazing Instagram and Twitter, where you can find her daily updates. Not forgetting how drop dead gorgeous she is with a passion for rugby and football.

Next is the beautiful Laura from Girl Talk With Laura, I have been following Laura ever since she started her blog. She is one of the reasons I started my blog and have continued with it ever since. Her photos are to die for and not forgetting how amazingly well she can pose in front of the camera, hopefully one day I can take a lesson or two from Laura and get my pose on too! You can find her Instagram and Twitter here too.

Not forgetting Em from Emmys Beauty Cave, now this girl has a serious obsession with foundation and everything else beauty related which makes me super jel when reading through all her gorgeous posts. She also has a Youtube channel which she has just started which is pretty amazing too! You can also find her Instagram and Twitter here.

Rachel Marie from Rach Co Co, is one of my longest blogging friends and we literally talk non-stop pretty much. She has an amazing blog with varying posts from beauty to lifestyle, with lots of reviews which can really help a girl out when they are thinking about buying certain items. Find her at Instagram and Twitter.

Last but certainly not least is one of my newer blogging friends Robyn AKA Robo, from Phases of Robyn, this girl hasnt bee blogging too long but has one heck of an amazing blog. With gorgeous photos and has also just started a Youtube channel which you get to see her bubbly personality. She can be found on Instagram and Twitter.





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