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Smokey eye with YSL

IMG_2995 IMG_3003 IMG_3004Yves Saint Laurent is one of those brands that I want everything but never find myself buying things. I think its the price that kind of puts me off, I find with most high  end brands I love a lot of there things but I never feel like parting with my money. When its bought for you as a present its another thing! Alex kindly bought me this gorgeous palette as part of my birthday present and I really do love it. There is something about the way that YSL set out their eye shadows that makes me go a little bit heart eyed. Lets all drool over the packaging too, although the reflective gold doesn’t sit well when trying to take some nice photos. Darn you blogging world, nevertheless I managed to snap a few goodies. At £42.50 its not the cheapest palette, but I’ll let you into a secret, its worth it.

IMG_2997 IMG_3006As always lets have a look at the package, its gold which always scores points for me, it has the cutest red YSL symbol in the middle and it is sharp, fresh and just amazing looking. This is one of there Couture Palettes in the shade 01, that is one of my pet peeves. I like it when my make-up has a name, I’m more likely to remember a name and it gives it a little bit more of a personality. I live for  my make-up at the end of the day! It has quite a big mirror for a compact which would be good for on the go, if you’re changing from a day to night look perhaps. You also two mini brushes inside, one is the one that most of us don’t tend to use and has a double sided sponge applicator. Whilst the other is a small brush which I did actually find useful for pulling the shadow down to underneath my eye.

IMG_3008The best part as always has to be the actual shadows. On the box it gives you an indication of what you should be using each shade for, I find this handy for if you’re new to make-up or are needing a little bit of hand. It explains that the top left hand shade should be used at a base, the middle shade and two bottom shades are your colours to play with. The the smallest top right is your highlighter. The base is a very light matte grey which I adore, I found this a great base as the colours that you are going to putting on top are a lot darker. Although I did use a little bit of the lightest brown shade in the corner of my eye as I didn’t want to close this up by using a dark colour. You then have the light brown, dark matte black and a sparkly black. I love that you have two different blacks in the same palette, the matte is great for more formal occasions whilst the sparkly can be used to boogie on down all night long. Who am I kidding, I’ve never partied all night, I’m an old women trapped in a 20 years old body. *sighs* Then you have the prettiest colour in the palette which is the highlighter, if you need shimmer you’ve got it. This looks gorgeous under your brow bone and in the very inner of your eye. Beautiful!  I wore these for a heavy day of girly shopping and it stayed put all day, I didn’t have to do any touching up and it didn’t crease into an ugly mess. I was highly impressed. You can really see how pigmented these shades are from the swatch photo.

After all, it may be a pricey palette but as a little treat to yourself it is amazing. I will be looking at the others they have to offer, maybe something with berry’s and golds in for the autumn! Have you got any of the YSL products?






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