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Top Five Tips: Organising


DSCF13581.Keep a Diary. I was always the one in school that was laughed at for pulling out my own diary rather than the horrible plain one the school gave you. But it        always kept my up to date and organised with what I had to do. (HA. The jokes on you now!)

2.Notebook. Wherever I am, I will have a notebook. If I think of an idea for my blog – out it pops. If I think of an outfit – out it pops. If I think of something I want to buy – out it pops. I think you get the idea. Having something to write stuff down in that you probably wont remember, it could be your phone!

3.Plan Ahead. I like to plan myself a week in advance. If your my friend youll know that I like to plan what im doing the week before and will get in touch the week before to sort something out. I sit down with my diary and write down all the possible things that could happen/need doing.

4.Colour. This is one of my favs. I like to use different coloured pens, washie tape, anything! If I can get different colours and its stationary the chances are im going to use it to get organised. This way one colour can be used for one thing and when I look in my diary I can see what it is quickly.

5.Month view. As well as planning a week ahead in my diary, I also use a month view planner to plan blog posts etc. This was if there are any key events that I need to remember I can see them.




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