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Christmas Tradtion #17

Every Christmas we do the same thing, I thought it would be a nice idea to share with you what my family like to do and maybe give you some ideas of what you can do this Christmas.

On Christmas Eve, we get up have a traditional fry up for brunch then take the dogs for a walk along the beach, to tire the dogs and us out ready for Christmas Eve night. We head home and tidy up the house, making sure everything is ready for Christmas Day. There is always movies playing on the T.V so that we can watch them in the background of baking. As a family we bake things like meringues, cookies or muffins. Just to enjoy over Christmas, although they dont normally last that long! For dinner we always have a picky tea, which normally consits of different types of meat, chesses, breads etc until where full! If your anything like my family we love to have new comfy pjs to wear on Christmas eve so give each other our pjs so that we can get comfy for the rest of the night. Once where all ready we get out the games that we want to play and spend all night playing games and chilling as a family until it is finally time to put our stockings on the back of the chairs where our presents will be placed. And off to bed we go.

As we are all older now we dont get up as early as some but we do still get up around 7/7:30. We all go into my mam and dad’s room and my dad makes us tea and coffee in bed while we open our stocking. This way we get to wake up before we go downstairs to open the rest of our presents. Once all presents are opened we have breakfast and start to get ready for the day. My brothers tend to play on their computer games all day whilst I help my mam make the Christmas Dinner. After dinner we sit and chill, watch a movie and spend more time together.

What are your Christmas Traditions?




  • Heather

    I love hearing people’s Christmas traditions. On Christmas Eve me and my mum go to Christingle at the Church then make our Christmas snowball. I get up far too early on Christmas day despite being 18!

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