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September Favorites no.2


This month I just had too many favorites to put into one post so I split it up into two; one being the beauty post which you can find here and the other, well your reading that one right now! As September came about I was so excited to start getting into Autumn/Winter which I’m sure you have all realised. There’s nothing I love more than the colder months. Why is it that when a new month starts I want to start doing something new?! Something that I can share with you all or show you. This month was no different. My wardrobe has been changing, drinks and style too and this is why I’ve had to split it into two! (I’m a poet and I didnt know it)

DSCF1390 DSCF1391

Autumn Prints, as I was saying my wardrobe has totally changed and more and more Autumn prints/colours are making there way into my clothes. Burgondy, Mustard and dark Green are my favs right now. Along with bold prints. This one in the photo is one of my favs right now, its a gorgeous long top from New Look with a dark red floral print, Im in love!

Tangle Teezer, I suppose this one is kinda a beauty item but who cares. Ive had this for a while now but only just really fell in love with it. Ive always struggled with tats and was always the one screaming when my mam was trying to brush them out. If only they had invented this about 10 years ago and there would have been less of that screaming. I use this once ive got out the bath and on a morning and night, which keeps my hair soft and smooth.

Marc Jacobs earrings have been stuck in my ear this whole month! Whatever I’ve been wearing I have been styling my jewelery so it would match in with these earrings. I love them!

Jamie Olivers Comfort Foods, I could sit and look at this book for hours, in fact I have and drooled over every page! This has some real good autumn/winter warmer foods in and I cant wait to share with you all what I have cooked up!

Peanut Hottie, what more could you want than a peanut flavored hot chocolate?! I dont know either! Amazingamazingamazing is all I can say.

Last but definitely not least is this book If I Stay by Gayle Forman. Im half way through it and I just love it. I like things that keep me on the edge of my seat when Im reading it and this is defiantly what this one does.





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