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September Favorites


Yes, I have jumped on the band wagon and decided to start doing monthly favorite blog posts. You may recall a while ago I decided that I would just do random favorites posts but there are so many things that I have been loving as of late that I couldnt cram them all into one post. Hence the monthly favorites! This month ive really had to cut down on the things that ive been loving into 6 items that I really have used a lot. Because ive been loving so many things im going to have to split this post into two, this one being the beauty products and the next being anything else I have loved.

DSCF1366 DSCF1365

Mac Lipstick in Rebal was one of my top lipsticks last Autumn/Winter and its slowly made a come back into my handbag. When I love a lipstick so much I keep it in my handbag for everyday use, and this is exactly what has happened to this one. The gorgeous plummy/dark purple colour is amazing for this time of year and when wearing a dark lip colour it means you can keep the rest of your make-up subtle. The reason why I love it the most! This way doing my make-up on a morning and planning on using this lipstick means I can get a few more minutes sleep!


Nars Laguna Bronzer, theres nothing more I can say about this other than WOW. I only got this product recently but I have literally used it everyday! It is the perfect contor colour or perfect for giving my face a little bit more of a tanned look. I dont know what I will do if they ever decided to stop selling these.


Soap and Glory Ultimelt cleanser, I just love this stuff. Its one of the first cleaners that I have used where I havent felt like I needed too use Miceller Water to take my make-up off then use a cleanser. Need to have a stock pile of this product! I love that its a creamy product and how it literally melts away all the dirt and grime! Because I only use this to remove my make-up ive been using it twice, the first to remove the make-up then the second time to make sure all the make-up has gone and to clear away any other dirt.


Barry M Matte Nail Polish, when it comes to this time of year I love to get new nail varnishes. This is one of the Barry M ones I picked up and my favorite so far. This one is in the colour Vanilla, normally im not a matte kinda gal but I picked this one up by accident and actually fell in love. Its not your usual creamy colour as it has a grey hint which makes this nail varnish. I just havent been able to take it off. Keep an eye out on my blog for a Autumn nail varnish post!


Eco Tools Deluxe Fan brush, Ive always wondered what I would use a fan brush for and then I got one. I have been loving using this brush for highlighting my cheek bones, its just the right shape and it sits well on my cheeks. If your in need of a fan brush get this one!


Elizabeth Arden 8 hour lip balm, this stuff is amazing and I have raved about it before. As the cold weather comes my lips become more and more chapped and this is the little beauty that is saving my poor lips. Ive been using this all of September and it really has made my lips smooth. It means I can apply lipstick without getting that awfull chapped look you get when you dont keep your lips hydrated.

What have you been loving in September? Leave a comment down below!





  • Fifi D

    NARS Bronzer in Laguna is one of my all time favourite products – easily the best bronzer i’ve ever used!

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