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Sunday Summary #9

For me this is one of my favorite blog posts to write, I am aware it may not be the most interesting for you, but for me its like my own little online diary for my week. I like to just note down a thing or two that I have been up to, so that I can then look back at it and think about how my weeks have passed in a years time.
As I said in last weeks Sunday Summary I was off to the caravan with my family to spend my bank holiday weekend together, it was the most relaxing weekend in a long time. With the expectation of getting thousands of pictures of course I was relaxing and having such a good time that I completely forgot what my camera was. Shock! Im starting to see a little pattern with this. Anyone else like me, decide on taking lots of photos and then when you actually get to the place where your suppose to be taking those photo you suddenly seem to forget that your camera ever existed. I was a little annoyed with myself for this, but then I thought its not every weekend that I get to spend with all my family together, which made me feel a little better about it. Once I was back it was time to get to work, I dont know if I have explained before how my shifts run at work but I do four days of 11 hour shifts then get four days off. Which for me is perfect, I get work out of the way in four days then have four days to chill and get my blog all sorted out, which is amazing for me.

Today I’m off to Glasgow for a couple of nights with Alex, I am determined to get photos this time as im sure there will be lots of opportunities, I need someway to remind myself of my camera, lets hope I can do it this time! Ill see you next week with a summary of Glasgow and everything fun that happened there.




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