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Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree #7


Some of  you may have seen my Christmas Room Inspiration post that I wrote at the start of the week and since then another addition has been added and I couldnt help myself but want to show you. I felt there was something missing from my room and when I was shopping in Sainsburys and saw the small Christmas trees I knew I needed one for my room. I popped one in the trolley and got it home ready to decorate!

DSCF2062 DSCF2063 DSCF2064

Because it is a small tree I didnt want to hang lots on it as I thought it would over power the look of the tree, so I went with a very basic look and used this bells from the Poundshop and found this ribbon that I had bought last year which I thought would look cute hung round my tree. This added the final touch and of course I hung lights round it too! It was prefect, exactly what I wanted! I popped my presents under it and left it to shine in all its glory!

What decor do you have in your room this year?



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