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Sunday Summary #22

Its that time yet again. Ive actually had a really good week this week. The flat is starting to come together and there has been some good news come around. One of the most important things for me this week was getting back into my blog which I have certainly done and feel like I’m back better than I was before. Sometimes a little break is good for you, gives you a little time to get some more ideas together. I’m now full time at work so that takes up majority of my time but I’m still managing to give myself an hour a night too put my little thoughts into CharlotteSamantha. I’m wanting to get into reading more blogs, so if you have one or know any amazing ones leave a little link below! Oh and watch this space for a few giveaways coming up!

You know that feeling when you have had a busy, fun week and all you want to do on the last day is make a little den on the sofa with movies, coffee and for someone to bring you a huge Sunday dinner. That’s what I need today, but I got to get up and make the money. I suppose itll be worth it in the end when I get to have nice things. Right?





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