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Autumn Essentials

Autumn must haves Autumn favourites Autumn EssentialsI know I have a little bit of an issue when it comes to the autumn, I am obsessed. Nobody can tell me that they hate the autumn. Being a home girl, I love nothing more that getting snuggled inside whilst its raining and being able to feel cosy and comfy. It makes me smile just thinking about it. However there are a few things that I class as my essentials when it comes to the autumn. Things that you just cant live without, no matter how hard you try. Slight exaggeration but hey, sometimes you’ve just got to put that little bit more emphasis on those things you love, right? I decided it was about time to talk about all the things I deem essential when it comes too the autumn. It has always been one of my favorite things when it comes to a season change and you can start to change things around. When I say ‘things’ I mean like everything. Clothes, candles, makeup, skincare even food! It kind of feels like a new start for me. A change that is for the better. Enough of my rambling and more about my actual changes for the autumn.

Autumn Autumn EssentialsFirst thing to get swapped around is skincare, with the change in weather you’ve got to look after your skin too. For me a swap too a more hydrating moisturiser, I use a eye-cream more often as it keeps my eyes looking that little more friendly. The mosituriser I am now using Cetaphil which is for face and body but is truly amazing!  I also tend to go for a thicker lip balm, my lips hate the autumn for some reason but if I keep them hydrated I seem to be able to cope. Lately I have been loving using the Burt’s Bees natural lip balm. With it being made out of bees wax it tends to stay on the lips for such a long time keeping them hydrated and protected.

When it comes to make-up, the full coverage foundations start to play a part in my everyday routine, along with dark blushes such as Benefits Rocketaur which you can find a full review off here. The colours that I use the most on my eyes are Burgundy, dark greens and mustard’s if I am feeling adventurous. Ive been non stop using the palette I bought from Inglot, you can see the shades I bought here. Its a no brainier when it comes to lips, dark purple, dark red anything that makes you feel a little bit halloweeny is my kinda shade. No more coral to be seen.

Its a little similar in the clothes department colour wise, where I got for things that are burgundy, khaki and mustard. Jumpers are a must, this year I have been into jumper dresses, there is something comfy about them that just make me want to smile. Leggings with thick socks and boots are of course a must, but also pj days spent snuggled on the sofa make me far too happy too. Boots are worn everyday, and I have every colour available. Just incase that one outfit comes into play that the black and brown ones just don’t seem to match.





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