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Sunday Summary #20

We have now hit October and all the crazy things that where happening in September have gone. Back to a little more time to relax and unwind. Although tomorrow I get the keys for mine and Alex’s first flat together, which is pretty surreal. Its been a long time coming and we have searched and searched for the perfect place and we have finally found it. I will for sure be starting a little series on my blog about the experience we had when looking for a flat, packing and eventually moving in and making it our own place. I am pretty excited to say the least but also nervous for all the responsibilities that comes with it, you’ve got to grow up one day though, right? This past week has been all devoted to work, which has meant that packing has had to go on the back burner so today brings a full day off packing and getting things sorted. But maybe a little trip to Newcastle to pick up the last things before tomorrow. Ill make sure to get  plenty of photos of the journey we take, so that I can share with you all my top tips etc. I hope you have an amazing week.





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