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5 Steps To: Save Your Lips

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Now we are entering into more summer like weather. I say summer, where having a little bit of sun okay, thats good enough for me. The cold is starting to go, I don’t know about you but the cold weather leaves my lips awful. If I fall out of the habit of keeping them nice when its warm by the time it is nice and warm and I feel like I want to wear bright lips, my lips are actually in an awful state. But I have found a way that has made my lips so much better in a small space of time. Of course this is what we want when it comes to applying gorgeous lipsticks.

On a night once Ive taken off all my make-up and have finished off my skin care routine I like to use my Lush Sugar Scrub Lip Scrub, which is this amazing lip scrub made out of sugar. I am sure you have all heard of this at some point. I know when I first heard of this I was like what the hell! But once I got myself one I loved it! It is literally what it says, a scrub made out of sugar. I rub a small amount over my lips each night, which helps to get rid of any dead skin from the day. The best of this is that it is edible, make sure you do this before you brush your teeth because I bet it tastes nasty after. I have mine in bubblegum, if I’m honest its the only one I like but Im happy enough using it as long as I like it.

After I have scrubbed my lips and brushed my teeth, I like to apply a thick lip balm. This is when my Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Lip Balm comes into play. This amazing little tub does wonders for the lips. If you’ve read my blog before you will probably know how much I love this stuff, I talk about it all the time! Im not going to ramble on again but for those of you who are new here, its so good that you can actually still feel it on your lips when you wake up the next day.

This one is one that your going to be like ‘Yes I know I’ve heard that before’. But it is really simple, drinking water keeps your skin hydrated, not only that but your lips. I have found that since I have started drinking more water my lips are a lot less chapped, I mean who doesn’t want this!

4.Moisture #2
Another one for keeping your lips hydrated, Im all up for keeping a bright colour but sometimes during the day I tend to find all those lipsticks Ive been putting on can leave my lips feeling dehydrated and in need of something a little more loving. Thats when I find small lip balms handy, I can always find a good few lying at the bottom of my bag.

This is one which I like to think I could do but lets face it there not everywhere. I have found a few lipsticks recently that have a balm built in. This one in particular has a centre which is full of hydration. These really help to keep my lips healthy and glowing.


How do you keep your lips healthy?



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