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Prepare to fail, fail to prepare

Prepare to fail, fail to prepare. This has so much meaning to me at the minute, its something that I find super motivational. I am generally a motivational person but when it comes to fitness and healthy eating it seems to disappear somewhere. Now that I have started to prepare for things I can really see a difference in my goals and motivation to keep going.  I thought I would share with you my goals and how I am managing to keep on track. I know there will be a lot of people out there who like me find it hard to stick to a plan when it comes to being healthy and keeping up the fitness goals. This was me a few weeks ago and although I’ve only stuck to it for a few weeks its something I have never done before so I want to share my journey. For me reading and watching other people be so focused on how they look and wanting to look good to make them feel good really got me in the mood to make a change.

1) For me a like to pick in between meals I have totally cut this out and tend to only eat my meals and a little desert after my meal, which is a yogurt or fruit. This has really made a difference in how I’ve felt when it comes to my meals, I enjoy them a lot more and don’t feel full while eating but still eating my meal because I was being greedy. I have also cut down on my portion size which has helped me to keep focused and take a little longer eating meals rather than rushing down food that I don’t really want.

2) Change unhealthy meals for fresh healthy meals. For me I always felt like meals where bland and didn’t really have much in them that really tasted good and fresh. To start this off I bought a lot more fresh veg and fruit, this brought a lot more colour to my plate. It sounds strange but this helped me to keep focused when looking at my meal and made it a lot more fun when I was making my food.

3) Start up my workouts. I started a little at a time but kept it going. I started with 20 minutes a day and then started building up how long I did it and the reps I did. I don’t go to a gym I just use things I have in the house. By building up little bits of gym things in the house has also kept me going as I don’t want tow waste my money. I also find that once I have done some exercise I don’t want to eat anything unhealthy because then I am wasting that time spent working out by eating bad things.

What are your goals when it comes to motivation in your health?



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