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March Favourite’s

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Trying to limit what I put into this months favourites was very difficult. Its been a month of finding new things that I love and finding old but goodies that I just can’t stop using. I managed to make it a little smaller than it originally was and there may be a mid month favourites this month, if I think I just can’t go a whole month before telling you all about things I’ve been loving. Its been a month of beauty favourites, some new, some old but all amazing!

Mac Eye Make-up Remover
Ive been loving this make-up remover for some time now. But recently it has upped its game, Ive been using this more than ever. Its the best thing I have found to remove my eye-makeup, I tend to find that normally if I just use cleanser to remove my eye make-up, when I wake up the next day I look like a huge panda.So I started to use this little guy again and it has been working a treat! It even removes the most stubborn of mascaras, which brings me onto my next favourite.

Benefit They’re Real Mascara
This mascara was my favourite eye product of last year until I ran out of it. I received it as a present at christmas but kept it nice in its packaging because I had so many other ones on the go. Earlier this month my eyes where really looking gross, they where nowhere near as long as they where and I felt as though my eyes looked as if they where getting more and more sunken in. Thats when I spotted this beauty at the back of my mascara draw and had to pull it. Ever since my eyes have been super long and have looked better than ever.

Soap and Glory Solar Powder
Ive been meaning to try this bronzer for so long, I finally took the plunge at the beginning of the month and Im so happy I did. This bronzer has given me the most natural bronzed, sun kissed look than any other I have tried. Ive never known  a bronzer too look so natural. This bronzer is half a dark shade and half a light which is why I think it looks so natural, rather than it just being one block colour.

Real Techniques Contour Brush With this bronzer I have been loving using the Real Techniques contour brush, which is a small rounded brush which is shaped perfectly for sculpting out your cheek bones. I do love this brush for contouring but I have been using it to give myself an overall bronzed glowing look.

ModelCo More Brows 
Another thing which has made my life 10 times easier this month is this little product. Im not a big brow gal, if I was going to skip something it would be my brows but with this little brow brush with a brown gel loaded on it makes everything so easy. I never have to skip this step again. It shapes, holds them in place and gives them the little bit of a tint that they need.

Topshop All Over Glow 
This primer has been amazing this month. Ive been after a dewy finish to my foundation, so thought id give this a whirl. Well I have been loving it, I have quite oily skin so was a little bit dubious about using something that may make my skin look even more oily than it already is. However this gives y skin a nice little glow behind my foundation that it really needed. Its defiantly something Im going to keep using into the Summer months.

Cotton Buds 
A little bit of a random one this time. But cotton buds have been going crazy this month. Ive been using them to tidy up little bits of make up that are in places that they just shouldn’t be. you know when your mascara hits the top of your eye lid, or when your lipstick isn’t quite sitting right, or even when you want a sleeker look to your eyeshadow. Ive been reaching for them non stop, if I’m honest I think they are going to be a dressing table staple for me now.

Lush Carrots 
I know it sound strange, but believe me its not! These cute little bundle of carrots smell amazing! They create amazing bubbles, leave your skin feeling silky soft and can we just talk about how cute these are! Anther reason why I am totally obsessed is how long they last, I always hate buying expensive things from lush just because I hate the idea of using something so expensive in one bath but these last so long! I think Ive used one carrot in around 6/8 baths.


What have you been loving this month?




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