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I’ve slowly turned into the lazy, tv watching ass that I use to be. From starting the year with good habits, each week brings one of those bad ones back in. A cheeky take-away on the weekend turns into a weekend of eating out and snacking on chocolate and all things naughty. But it’s about time I turned those bad habits back into the good. The cupboards are now stocked with healthy foods, all the pop had gone but there’s one more thing I need to do before I can’t totally make it back into the good old ways. Of course I need to buy myself some new work out gear, to really get myself motivated to get myself moving again. For a little while now I have been lusting over the ever so gorgeous work out wear in Primarks, there’s something about it that just gets me so excited. And of course the price is the best part. Here are a few of the bits that I found online. This weekend is all about heading straight to Primark to pick up the few bits ive been wanting. Keep an eye out on CharlotteSamantha for a fitness schedule coming soon!

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