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Sunday Summary #15


It daunts on me that every week when I write these I tell you I haven’t really been up to much. I’m afraid too say this week has been much the same. The few things I have done is job hunt, blog and relax. The job hunt is going okay, to be honest there isn’t that many jobs going around my area at the moment so everyone Im snapping up and making sure I put my all into the application. Blogging is going amazingly, I’m enjoying it more than ever before and have even started a little chat with a few girls so I can really get motivated and we can share experiences etc. The relaxing of course has been favourite part, from watching three movies on the sofa one day to spending a few hours lying in the bath reading my book. I had to keep topping up the hot water of course! Then it was just a couple of days of meeting up with good old pal over a hot cup of coffee and chatting until we where being chased out by the waitresses, whoops. But now its Sunday and I’m all prepped for the week ahead. I must mention that I am at my mam and dads caravan for the week this week so won’t be interacting much on Twitter and Instagram but I am sure I will be taking lots of photos so as soon as get internet back I will unindate you with lots and lots of photos. Hope you all have an amazing week!!





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