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Sunday Summary #14

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As you can probably tell I have a little time away from blogging, nothing to do with my blog itself or anything else to do with blogging. But just to get my head in the right place. To finally see what things in life are worth going through stress for and which things are better off left behind. I know that there is a real thing with anxiety being portrayed on the internet which comes across as if people are after attention which is why I don’t really talk about but I just wanted to say if there is anyone out there who is suffering and really doesn’t know what to do, the best thing I have found is to tell someone. Even if they don’t understand just let them know, explain how you feel. It kinda makes you feel as though you have passed along some of your worry and you don’t have the whole lot to deal with anymore. And of course if you don’t feel comfortable talking to someone you really know I am always here for a chat, you can find me on twitter or send me and an email and I’m always happy to share experiences and give a little helping hand.

Back onto my main aim of the Sunday Summary post and thats to let you know what I have been up to this week, for me its been a little bit of a strange one. My mam and dad went on holiday with may untie and uncle on Friday night to France, which of course I was super jel I wasn’t going with them but have given a huge list of things I want them to bring back for me. I worked Thursday through till today and then Im off for four days which I am super excited about getting my head down with my blog. Thats it really for this week but I am sure there will be a lot more fun things to come on CharlotteSamantha soon!






  • abistreet

    I think it is so good to take some time away for yourself! Hope you’re feeling better lovely xx

    Abi |

    • Charlotte Samantha

      yes it really is! I just needed time to get the things in life back together. Thank you I am certainly getting there xx

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