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Lip liners aren’t something that I would say I use everyday. I have a slight love hate relationship with them, in which I want to use them but can I heck put them on properly. Theres something about my hands that when I need to keep them nice and steady they just want to be free and wobble around. But this creates a game for me in which I WILL learn to use them, if it takes me 5 years. Eventually I will be able to apply these properly. With this in mind when I was at the York outlet centre I bought a few that I really liked the look off from Mac as I knew they would be good quality and maybe that would help with the application. I will add aswell I got these for £9 rather than the usual £12.50 which makes me super happy.

The first I got was in the shade Soar, this is one I have been eyeing up for months now. As Im sure most of you are aware of the famous Jenner lip craze that is going around right now this is one I couldn’t be going without. I love the consistency of the liners, they are sort of creamy if you get what I am and I really feel as though you can apply them as dark or as light as you want. One thing I will say is not to press down too hard, this is one thing I have learnt, it makes the line very thick and very unnatural looking, so unless you are going for that kinda look then the way forward is light strokes. Next I got Ruby Woo, I love how bright and cheerful this red is, it may seem a little bizarre that I don’t have Ruby Woo in the lipstick but not to worry folks, its on the I Would Like list so shouldn’t be long until I am adding it too the collection! The last I got was in the colour Fruit Cocktail, another little strange thing about this one is that I don’t actually have a lipstick this colour. Not yet anyway. But I saw this colour and just loved it. Its a vibrant yet subtle peachy nude colour and I just love it. Once I get the hang of the whole lip liner malarky I will without a doubt be putting up a tips post on the best way to apply it. You are probably all sitting there like its lip liner, its easy. But for me it just never seems to go right, its okay where not all perfect but if we improve on the things that where maybe not so good at we can become that one step closer.






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