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Not That Kind Of Girl: Book Review

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A new way of dealing with my anxiety and stresses lately has been through reading, I find that this gives me time to get into another world. To forget everything that I have been feeling and really take my mind of the things that are bugging me. Which meant of course that I had to stock up on lots of new books to get myself ready for a reading marathon. The first I bought was one which I have been wanting to read for a while but was put off by the hard back of the book, if your’e anything like me you’ll hate having to hold a hardback book in your hand. I mean how can anyone enjoy carrying something so heavy around with them if they want to read on the go. But I was doing the weekly shop in Sainsburys last week and noticed that they had the normal book for just £3.99, I was willing to spend a good old £7.99 on it so was so happy that I got it for half the price. I got home filled up my bubble bath and started my all important mission to get away from what ever was nagging at me inside my little mind. Oh I probably should mention, although the title of the post gives it away the book is ‘Not That Kind Of Girl’ by Lena Dunham.

Yes thats right the star of Girls, which if you haven’t watched what on earth are you doing here reading this when you’ve got that to watch. Well now your here you might as well finish this post, leave a cheeky little comment on your favourite book right now and then leave, right? ANYWAY. Its basically a short autobiography/memoir of what she learned growing up. If you need something to make you giggle, think back to when you where younger and doing the same crazy things or just fancy a good read you should defiantly add this to your collection. I think what I loved about it the most is how relatable I found it and when I was in my scary little place that Ive been in it gave me light and brightened my mood that little bit more.The book is split up into 5 sections, in which has different chapters about different sections of her life and how she managed to pull herself through all of it. It has some amazing reviews which arnt to be missed, if you loved girls then you are sure to love this! What have you been reading at the moment?




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