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Bomb to the bath


Its no surprise that when I was on oxford street and saw the new Lush Flagship store I let out a little squeal. I was so excited to jump inside and get started on all the bits that I had never seen before. Im not going to lie I did feel a little bit overwhelmed when I first walked in as there are so many floors and so many different things that to look at. I made the decision that all I really wanted to look at was the bath products, bath bombs, melts, bubble bars etcetcetc. So I headed straight up to the top floor which was flooded with colours bath items. I was in my eliminate to say the least. I grabbed a basket and started picking up all the different things I had never seen before smelling them, touching them and really getting to grips with what bits I wanted. If I had the money and the space in my case I would have quite happily picked up one of each but sadly there where far too many and I just didn’t have the room to carry them back home, on top of all the other bits that I had bought there. I managed to little it down to five items that I really wanted to try and popped them into my basket. Whilst I was in the shop I was speaking to one of the lovely girls, who I can now not remember the name of but she was American and the sweetest girl from Lush I have ever spoken to. She was explaining to me what the all did and how they where good for your body. The only disappointing thing is with this is that I can’t even show you them online as some are only available at the Lush Oxford Street, another thing which I could kick myself for is that I didn’t put names on them as I hate it when the bags rip so left them blank now Im left scratching my head wondering what the actual names where. So I do apologise in advance with that its going to be photos and an explanation unfortunately.

IMG_1949 IMG_1951

The first is the most colourful out of all that I choose, as you can see from the photo lots of them do have a lot of colour but it is Lush we are talking about. The one I am rattling on about in particular is the pink, blue, purple and yellow one that you can see. This smelt very strong but amazingly. This was the first I used and was totally over the moon that I had picked up. To start the colour where insane when they hit the water, also if I remember rightly it had popping candy in which I personally love. Next was the pill like bath bomb which I believe it does have pill in the name, this one went luminous yellow. Literally the brightest yellow I have ever seen, but this one smell amazing. I think out of all that I choose this was the one that smelt the best. Next I used the lotus themed one which I loved when I popped it in the bath as it stayed towards the top floating away but I wasn’t amazed by the smell which I was slightly disappointed in. The others I am yet to use, but as you can see the green ball which smells very natural and kinda like nature. What I imagine going for ¬†along walk in the country side to smell like! The other is a bubble bar, this I was 100% amazed with. It is a windmill which when you put it under running water it moves like a windmill, I know it great! The smell of this is gorgeous so fresh and just makes me think of summer. So I am sooo excited to get to grips with using that one! Have you been to the flagship store in London, what did you pick up?






  • Ami Ford

    I really need to take trip to the Oxford Street Lush! So many amazing products, the first one you picked up is the Experimenter I think, and the second is the Cyanide Pill, if that helps! x

  • thevelvetblack

    I’m still yet to visit the oxford street Lush store, it sounds insane though. The popping candy bath bomb sounds awesome as well, I definitely want to pick that one up when I go to the oxford street store!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

  • Laura TFP

    I need to have a trip to lush asap!! You got some lovely bits xx

    Laura | Tease Flutter Pout

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