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Staple Jewellery

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Jewellery is something that I dont often mix up. I tend to reach for the same things everyday, from my rings, to my earrings and watch. Dont get me wrong I love to buy new bits of jewellery. If theres something shinny and pretty then of course I am going to buy it but that doesnt meant that I start to wear anything different. I like to keep my jewellery pretty plain on a day to day basis, however I do like a good old statement necklace. Especially when I am wearing something a little bit on the plain side. Normally people are either a gold kinda gal or a silver but for me its whatever I like.

The first thing which is actually something that I never take off and its my Pandora ring in pink and this cute little heart ring my mam bought for me in a cute little jewellery shop in York. I litereally never take these ones off, I have worn them for so long now that once I take them off my finger feels funny. On my other hand I wear my other two Pandora rings, the first being my birthstone ring which is green, I am a Virgo if you are wondering. Alongside my other which is the Princess Tiara, which I love. I dont wear these all the time just because of the size of the Birthstone ring, I find it uncomortable to sleep in.
For my watch I have this gorgeous Ted Baker one which I got from Alex for Christmas. I love how cute this little watch is, Id always wanted a big faced watch but once I had seen this one I loved it! It is such a cute little watch which sits well on my wrist.
My earrings are Marc Jacobs, they are the gold ones with a cream inner. I love how simple these are but still look so elegant. Id been lusting over these for ever and I finally got them for my birthday last year.

What do you wear as your staple jewellery?



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