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5 Steps To: Save Money


Its getting to that time of the year when we all start buying new things for the new seasons that are coming up. If you are living in England like me then youll probably feel like you are never going to be able to buy anything for the Spring and Summer because the weather is so crazy right now. Sometimes I wonder when England will be left with one season which will be winter. Enough of me blabbering about the weather now onto the main focus of this post. Which is all about money. With buying new things of course we need to be able to manage our money a littel bit better, saving for the things we really want and using things that we can to help us save that little bit of money.

The first thing for me when I get paid is to work out what I’ll be doing with my money that month. If there is anything in particular that I need to buy or if there is something that I need to save up for. I have a few things that I have to pay for, such as phone bills, rent etc. Once these are all out of the way I work out what I have left and make sure that I can make it to the end of the month with money left. I find the best way to do this is too write down all the things that I need to pay for and then give myself a budget.

Another of the biggest things I think is important when looking at your money is budgeting. If you are wanting to buy something that is a little bit more expensive than usual, then I like to budget to it. I dont want to splurge on something and know Im not going to be left with much for the rest of the month. With budgeting this means you are living in your means, your not buying things that you just simply cant afford.

3.Loyalty cards and vouchers
One thing that I love to do is use loyality cards and vouchers. Loyalty cards are one of the biggest things in my purse, if you can get money back for things you are buying anyway why not get the points. Points make prizes after all! Vouchers are amazing too, thats if you can ever find any. I know that in America vouchers are so much bigger but in the Uk they arent used as much. If I can find something that I know Ill be buying anyway I like to use it. Its an easy way to save a little.

Every month I put money into my savings account. Its kinda just something that I feel I have to do. Even if its just a little it still helps towards something right? To help save for bigger things I like to put a set amount away everymonth. However if I still have money left over at the end of the month I like to put it into the savings account as a little extra to myself.

5.Copper pot
This is something little that I have started from being young. I have always been taught that you have got to work for your money. That nothing is just handed to you, when I was younger I worked around the house, little things like drying the dishes etc. I use to put my money away into a little jar and wait until I had enough for the thing I wanted. Once I got older and got a job I knew I couldnt put all my money into a jar, but decided that I would start to save my copper in a jar. This way I could save it up for around a year then once the year is over I could cash the money in at the bank and I would have around £100. I dont spend my change so this way it meant that I would be saving money that I wouldnt be spending anyway.

How do you like to save money?




  • Zoe

    I do the same thing with the copper pot! I have a jar where I put all my coins that are less than 2 Shekels (Israeli money) and I have about 50 shekels in there so far, which is only about 8 pounds but still 🙂 xx

  • Primrose

    What a great idea for a post, lovely blog! x

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