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Review: Maybelline Color Drama

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Something that I have been seeing everywhere in the blogging world is the Maybelline Color Drama lip pencils, so of course I knew I had to try one. They are described as a ‘intense velvet lip pencil’ and this honestly is just what they are. I have found in the past that I have struggled with lip pencils, I either find that they are fall off the lips very quickly are they are very hard to apply but not this one. I got mine int he shade 130 Love My Pink, which is gorgeous dark pink shade.

The packaging is always the first thing I like to talk about. Its the first thing we see when we look at a product. This packaging is very plain but I do quite like it. Its a glossy matte finish with the writing all in white, we know how I feel about white at the moment. It is literally my fav! The other thing that I really love about this is that it has the swatch of the colour on the end of the pencil. Which is great when you are searching a full draw of lip products and you are looking for that perfect colour.

Next has obviously got to be the product itself. I applied this too my lips and it felt amazing. It really does have a velvety finish which sets a look of amazing. I went for a very subtle pink colour, I didn’t want anything too bright just incase it was like all the other I have tried. I have found with this pencil it applied amazingly, there was no messy marks. The nib of the pencil is quite small which I think for me made it easy to apply. I do have ridiculously small lips, so big, fat pencils are not for me. The other thing I like about it is how creamy it feels on the lips, also how build able the colour is. If you are wanting something intense I found that building the colour with a couple of layers is amazing, this doesn’t change how it feels either. From experience I know that some lip products can leave your lips feeling tacky if you apply more than one layer, not with this one. If you are after something a little more subtle this can be dabbed into the lips and it creates a gorgeous subtle pink shade.I put the product to test on one of the sunniest days I think we have had so far in the uk, it got to a whole 12 degrees C. Lets face it, thats pretty warm for someone in the Uk. I was worried about how this product would last, but I was presently surprised that after 3 hours shopping and a coffee stop, the colour was still nice on my lips. Of course I did reapply a few times, but I thought this would have made the product look worse. I was well impressed! I would like to know how the brighter colours work, if they stay on the lips as well as this one did. I think ill be making my next trip to the drug store soon and stock up on some of the other colours they have to offer.

Have you tired these yet? What did you think?




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