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Autumn Style Inspiration

outfit inspoWhen it comes to fashion I tend to go with what I feel comfortable in, things that I wouldn’t be bothered if there was lots of people around me. Lately I have been taking to the internet to find new looks that I wouldn’t normally go for. Outfits that I always think look amazing but would have never thought of putting together myself. I know that I probably wont be the only one who struggles with inspiration when it comes to fashion. But I have found a few ways to inspire my little tiny brain up there. Looking at things that I would never have dreamed up and thinking about how I could put my own spin on it. And maybe you could all do the same!

outfit inspo 2

The main thing I use is Pinterest. No surprise there I am sure. Who doesn’t use pinterest when they are looking for inspiration of some sort. I have so many boards with different outfit ideas in. The one I am using at the moment is Autumn. If you find yourself stumbling onto my Autumn board please don’t laugh at how many of the outfits really do look the same. There is something about a long coat, brogues and jeans that I am just loving right now.

Online Website
The other obvious inspo for me is actually looking on clothing website. Topshop, h&m and New Look are some of my favourite too look on, see what the recent trends are. I have even in the past found an outfit that I have loved from a website and actually bought every item. I stand guilty.

outfit inspo 3

I don’t buy a huge amount of magazines but when I do, I look from page to page. I try to find things that I already have that I could then improvise with and make more my own style. Lets face it this girl cant afford all those things out of magazines!

On The Street
This one may sound a little strange but when I am out and about, or even when I am in work. I look at what other people are wearing and take inspo from them. Sometimes I might even ask them where they have got things from, is that cheeky? I think its a compliment more than anything!

Where do you get your style inspo from?



**All photos can be found on my pinterest board Autumn




  • Robyn Taylor

    Oh my, I love these sorts of photos! I can never seem to find cosy jumpers like those ones in the bottom photo! Desperate for a burgundy one (obviously…)

    Robyn / Phases Of Robyn

  • aineohaganAine

    I use pinterest for all my inspo things!

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