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I love finding brands that I just love. It’s even better when I find those brands in the drugstore. Theres something that gets me excited knowing I can afford to build up a nice collection of a brand that I really do love. I don’t hear that many people talking about Revlon but it is one of my favourites to find on the high street. I’ve always loved their foundations, nail polishes, mascaras etc. But recently I decided to splurge on some of there eyeshadows. The ones that really intrigued me was the Revlon Shadow Links. Basically they are small shadows which can be connected together. This means you can pick up your favourite colours and make your own little palette out of them. Perfect for a present or of course just buying for yourself, like I did! I also think this was if you’re needing a colour you can go and pick up that one colour rather than getting a palette with a few colours that you will maybe never use.

When I first picked up the palette I was wanting a green smoky eye so picked up three colours that I thought would look great together. Then after using them and finding out how creamy, pigmented and long-lasting they where I had to buy more. Now I have five of the collection and will certainly be buying more on payday. I love the range of colours Revlon offer and all the different finishes the eyeshadows have. If you’re not a fan off glittery eye shadows then there are some for you, or maybe you don’t like matte they will have some that suits all needs. Thats what I love about them! They are £2.99 per eyeshadow which I think is pretty good for a good quality eyeshadow and there is usually a 3 for 2 offer on in Boots which of course means you have got to get yourself three!

IMG_0883The navy blue colour is called Cobalt and has a Satin finish. It’s the perfect navy blue with a slight silver shimmer running through it. Next to that is Melon a gorgeous bright orange colour, this is also a Satin finish. I love both Melon and Cobalt next too each other and it looks amazing on the eyes together. Then we have Seafoam, another satin which is a much more shimmery pale turquoise blue colour. This looks great in the inner corner of the eye when creating a smoky greeny/blue eye. Then there’s Lime, which is true to it’s a name a bright green colour again a Satin with shimmer running through it. The last is Moss which has a Perl finish, this sets off the smoky eye perfectly!


Have you tried these Eyeshadow Links from Revlon?







  • Zoe

    I’ve seen these shadows separately (and more) at the drug store, never knew they had palettes! I really like Colbat and Melon – might finally get them. x

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