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Fragrance Direct Haul


After spending so much time looking through Fragrance Direct and wanting to buy so many things, I finally took the plunge after getting home from a bad day in the office. I wanted to buy things, but of course I have to give myself a budget and stuck at £30. I opened lots and lots of new tabs with items I wanted to buy and found that a lot of things that I wanted werent in my shading or the colour I wanted. Which was a little bit annoying but I still found bits and bobs that I wanted to buy. If you’ve never heard of Fragrance Direct before it is a website that sells beauty’s items with money off them. There are well-known brands such as Loreal, Revlon etc, they have also started to stock Mac, Bobbi Brown and other high-end brands. But with a budget of £30 I stuck to the drugstore products.

The first thing I bought was two of the Loreal Infallible Eyeshadows, one in Hourglass Beige which is a gorgeous shimmery nude colour. I’ve been wanting a colour like this for a while just to put all over the lid on days when I can’t be bothered to do my eyeshadow as much as I would like to. Rather than going without any eyeshadow on I can apply this all over the lid which will kinda make it look like ive made an effort. Right? I also got one in the colour Unlimtied Sky, which is an amazing sparkly blue shade. This will look amazing in the Spring/Summer when I’m wanting to create a nice blue smokey eye. These eyeshadows are pressed pigments which means they are very pigmented. I cant wait to try them out, you’ll be the first to find out what I think of them. The thing that drew me to these eyeshadows the most was that they where originally suppose to be £6.99 but on Fragrance Direct they are only £1.99!


I then added three lipsticks to my basket. Two from the brand Fashionista, which I had never heard of before but was intrigued to find out what their products where like. I got one in the colour Coral, which is an amazing bright coral colour. Perfect for the Summer months. The other I got in the colour Raspberry, which is a gorgeous pinky red shade, which I cant wait to wear! I was surprised with the pigmentation of their lipsticks as I only paid £1.99 and they retail at £5.29. The other lipstick I bought was the Loreal Caresse, in the colour Candy & Cherie. This lipstick intrigued me due to the spot in the middle which a sparkly gloss, which makes the lipstick a sheer gloss which looks amazing on the lips and perfect for those days when you need a little extra moisture on the lips. I paid £2.99 and it retails at £7.99


I also bought the Fashionista Mattifying Primer. I’ve been after a new primer for a while now and wanted something to mattify the skin. I of course love the Benefit Porefessional but sticking to my budget meant I had to go with something a little bit cheaper which is where this primer stepped in at the small price of £3.99 RRP £7. I have tested this on my hand and the texture is similar to Porefessional but once tested I’ll make sure to let you know what it is like.

The last item I got was the Revlon Nearly Naked foundation in the shade, Vanilla. This cost £4.99 retailing at £8.99. I’ve heard a few good things about this foundation and wanted to give it a go so popped it in the basket. The colour looks a little light for my skin shade but I think I’ll be able to get away with it by applying bronzer.

Have you bought anything from Fragrance Direct before?




  • Abi Street

    Never heard of this website, definitely want to check it out now! Xx

    Abi | – don’t forget to enter my giveaway that closes tomorrow!!

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