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Organising your blog

IMG_0866 Some of my favourite blog posts to read are how people keep their blogging life organised. For those who do it full-time may have a little bit more time on their hands to keep up with their blog. But for me I find it hard to balance my working life with my blog. Everyone has different ideas on how they keep their little space on the internet organised. I’m not saying im Miss.Perfect at organising it because sometimes things do just tend to get in the way or you just simply don’t have enough time to keep up to date. But most of the time I like to think I can keep myself pretty organised, in my own little way.


My first rule to organising my blog life, is enjoying every aspect of it. Some days all I want to do is take photos, so that what ill do other times I’m fully ready to sit down and let my hands carry me away in my little blogging spot. Without allowing myself to do what I fancy doing at the time would only make me not do my blog. Which would mean either I would just leave the blog posts or I would write them and take photos without worrying how it looks or how it reads.

For me planning is everything. I have around a months worth of blog posts planned out at anyone time. I don’t have them scheduled but I have them sorted out on what I want to post. This means I’m not left thinking about what kind of things I want to post the week before. It kind of helps me with writer’s block too as it means I can give myself a while before I have to start thinking about what else I want to post. Or it means when I think about an idea, I have time to make the most of the things I can use/write about. I use a weekly planner to write down what I want to post.

Lists are another big thing for me, without the I don’t know how I would manage to remember what I need to get done. I like to write down all the blog posts I want to get written/photos taken for. I then write underneath a P, W and S. P=Photos W=Written S=Schedule. This way I can keep track of what has an hasn’t been done.

Without scheduling I don’t know how I would manage blogging. I like to post on my blog around 3:00pm which means I have to schedule as I am at work till five everyday. This way I don’t need to be on the computer to post the blog post which really helps my social life.

How do you keep organised?





  • Zoe

    I wish I was as good as you with organization! I have everything in blog posts and Google Drive – it’s so hard to remember where I put everything lol.

  • zsuzsanna

    I too enjoy reading about how others organize their blog, I think that these kind of posts helps a lot!
    Really like your post on it ^^

    Z ♥

  • VV Nightingale

    I find this really funny because I literally just did a post about organisation too today! haha. Great tips 🙂

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