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REVIEW: Nakd Bars

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When I got back onto my health kick I was determind to find something reasonably healthy that I could snack on when I really fancied something sweet. I had tried to many different bars some which where nuts and seeds molded into a bar, others that where high in carbs because they where so doughy. Most I just didnt like and they just didnt seem to fill my need for somthing sweet. Thats when Nakd step in, literally dont know how to sum these little bars of goodness up. Well I say bars but there are so many different forms of these amazing little treats. One of my favourite things about this brand is that everything is made of natural products. In the Berry Delight bar there is 49% Dates, 31% Cashews, 17% Rasins, 3 % Raspberries and a hint of natural flavouring. There is literally nothing bad in it. Another great thing is that they are Gluten, Wheat and Dairy free which is amazing for such a selection of different treats.

What type of healthy treats do you have?




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