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My Little Box: Dream Edit

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Id always loved the idea of this box, being obsessed with Paris I knew it would be something I liked. The main thing that drew me too it was the little bits of lifestyle gifts you get in it too. I love my make-up and beauty items but sometimes its nice to get something that isn’t beauty for a change. When I found out that this months box was a Dream themed box I was so excited, there something quite nice about something being dream themed. Ive had a few different boxes in the past and loved them. But My Little Box really out did itself and I loved it so much Im keeping it on for another month to see what wonders they bring me next time. Lets face it I’m probably going to do this every month, just one month longer. Whoops. Your probably wondering the price of this box etc…

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My Little Box is a Paris based box, which costs £11 per month plus £3.95 postage and packaging, which is not much really when you think you get around three beauty times and two lifestyle products, there magazine and other little goodies. What I really love is that they have their own beauty line which means you get to test little things out from there own range. The presentation of the box for me just got me super excited. The cute illustration on the box means I can display it without feeling as though I need to hide the front of it, I like to keep boxes in my room as it helps me store things that I just don’t want on show. With this one it means I can store things that I need to keep away but can also have this cute little display on show. Once I opened the box it was tied in a bow with their own little ribbon which has My Little Box printed on it, with a cloud snapped bit of card with the quote ‘If you dream it, you can do it’ which is by Walt Disney, if you know me at all you know how much of a Disney fanatic I am so of course this made me smile. The next thing you saw was the magazine which is really cute and has fun little bits and bobs inside it.

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Once your past the magazine you get to the real treats, the first thing to catch my eye was this cute little cloud sawn together with ‘Once Upon a Dream’ written across the front, inside is a gorgeous little necklace. Which is a small gold circle with a pink string chain, this will look gorgeous in the summer paired with some other bits of necklaces. Next was the cute little package which said ‘Stamped with Love’ I am a sucker for any kind of stationary so of course I was next drawn to this. Inside was a cute stamper which has 12 different designs and of course the ink to do with it. I can see this coming in handy for my little blogging book. Now onto the beauty items, inside a draw string bag was three times. The first I pulled out was a CowShed body lotion, which honestly smells like Spring. It has such a fresh, powerful smell which is amazing for this time of the year. Next was a Red Lip Balm by Loved By, it is a great little pot to throw in the bag for over spring and summer. If you are needing something to hydrate your lips but also to add a little bit of colour defiantly go for something like this! The last was a Hair Mask by My Little Beauty, this is an amazing mask which smells like coconut another great smell for Spring/Summer. I used this last night on my hair and could see a huge difference in the condition of the end of my hair. I will be using this more often in my hair routine!


Have you tried My Little Box? What did you think?




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