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My Little Box: Provence Edit

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You know I am impressed with something if I keep it going. With My Little Box I thought I would give one box a go and then probably change to one of the other subscriptions, but something about the Dream Box made me feel like I didn’t want to stop the box just in case there was something amazing in the next one and then I would have missed out. Boy did I make the right decision. Another box from My Little Box which was no disappointment. This month was the Provence Box, for those of you who like me are a little unsure about what exactly that would entail, Provence is a place in France which has some amazing lavender fields.  This months box was full off Loccitane products, which I have been loving recently due to an amazing gift at Christmas which was a box filled with mini treats. What I love the most about the My Little Box is the little extras that you get, along with the beauty products too.

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The first thing I saw when I pulled off the lid of the box was the cute magnets which are off a women, then you get lots of different outfits and accessories to add onto the women. I love how cute this is, when I finally get my own house this will be a little something to bring out my love for fashion and beauty. The other little cute extra this month was a gorgeous gold cuff, with this you get two different coloured threads one in a lighter blue and one in a darker blue. You then thread these into the bracelet creating a pattern of your choice. I love the idea of this as it means that everyone will be a little bit different even though they are the same bracelet.


Now for the beauty the things that really got me excited, so not only was it Loccitane but it was 4 mini products. Thats right four! One of those is a Verbena Leaf Soap, this gorgeous mini soap is going to look amazing in my newly decorated room and the smell that it gives off is amazing! If you have read my posts before you know how much I like fresh scents and this is definitly a fresh scent. The other product I got in the Verbena collection was a Body Lotion again with the same scent but I feel like when I rub this into my skin it is a very lemony smell which I love! This will definlty be getting use and may need too buy the full size product. The next product was the Mer & Mistral Fresh Shower Gel, I love getting mini shower gels like this because it isnt something that I would spend lots of money on. This smells very musky but in a good way, I think its a product I am going to have to hide from Alex, he tends to go for things with this smell and think it is for him. This will also be perfect for my trip down to London in a couple of weeks so maybe I should just keep it hidden away until then. The last Loccitane product is Roses st Reines Hands & Nail cream, I have used one of there hand creams before and I loved it, honestly it was so nurchering for my hands. I know that’s a little bit of strange way to describe a hand cream but this one really did feel amazing. However, roses is a scent im really not a fan off, so I think this may be a one I give to one of my family members. If only it had been in one of the other scents, cant complain though after the amazing gifts that where already in here. The last item that was in this months My Little Box is a My Little Beauty eye crayon in an amazing dark brown colour. This will really be coming in handy for an amazing brown smoky eye look in the summer. The crayon is very blend able which is my favourite things about eye crayons.






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